Friday, November 20, 2015

How to Make Money Blogging for free

The idea of making money online has interested me for years.  The idea of making money through blogs is even more interesting to me.  And the idea of making money while blogging for free...  When that is just about the cream on the cookie.

Think about it, you get to write about stuff you like and you could be paid for it...  Well, I guess you are thinking about it, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this blog, which, by the way is a free blog.

And while blogger isn't the only free blog platform that will allow you to monetize your blog, it is one of the stronger platforms.  Just between me and you, I assume that blogger is still a strong free blogging platform only because it is a property of Google.  Because in all seriousness, it is NOT the best platform at all.

But, I digress.

I totally went off track.  "How to Make Money Blogging for Free"  That is what we are here for.  The problem with that question is it's way to general.  There is about a million and one ways to make money blogging for free.  The bigger question here is, do you really want to?

Yup, that is the pot calling the kettle black.

You see, I made the decision with this blog, to monetize a free platform blog, and take the chance of the blog being taken away from me for one reason or another.  And that is the crux if the issue here.  With free platform blogs or websites you have no ownership.  One day the company can say, "Hey, I don't like what you are saying on your blog!" and pulls the plug on your website or blog, and guess what? You have no recourse, all of your hard work is gone, poof, just like that.

So, getting that out of the way.  How to make money blogging for free is easy.  Blogger is a perfect example, they make it very easy to use your Adsense as a way to monetize your blog.  And even though, in general, they frown upon affiliate marketing (at least in my opinion), they do still allow it.

So, this blog is the perfect example of how to make money blogging for free, the blog is on a free platform, the Adsense ads have cost me nothing, and the affiliate marketing ads cost me nothing.  Oh, by the way, the affiliate marketing I am referring to is Hubpages and Wealthy affiliates, both of which I do endorse and actively us, and will be promoting both products at a later day.

The reality of the situation is, it's incredibly easy to set up a blog on a site like blogger, and add Adsense to it.  The trouble comes with the work involved in creating a blog on a sub-domain free blog, that can actually compete with personal domain blogs.  It is a well know fact that Search engines put less weight onto sites that are on a sub-domain, and with some of the more competitive niches, you will have a really hard time competing with the big guns.

This is where the nugget of important information is really hidden in this long winded blog post.   The secret to succeeding with a free blog is a very specific niche.  And very specific, long tail keywords that have little competition.  This means you will need to do your keyword research in order to make money blogging for free.  This means you are going to want to look for keywords have more than 300 searches per month, while also having almost no competition.

It wont be easy, in fact, this is another thing that most other websites will not tell you.  They will say there are thousands upon thousands of keywords that have little to no competition.  This is not really true.  Not words that make sense, so you will need to work really hard to find keywords.

And then you need content, you will need to write a good 30 posts.  One specific keyword per post and all that fall within your overall theme of your website.  And then after you have at least 30 posts, your going to want to create a social media presence for your website.  Be that twitter, facebook, google+, one or all of the above.  In order to have a way to share your posts with the world.  And then after you have social media set up, you are going to want to maybe comment on a couple of blogs that fall within your niche.  Add your links to those comments.

There are a lot of other things involved, and I have every intention to discuss them in more detail at a later date.

Thank you for reading How to make Money Blogging for Beginners